4 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

4 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

August 31, 2018

Root canals can be a scary thought for many entering the dentist office. However, in an effort to ease dental anxiety, we’ve compiled four common myths about root canal treatment that may surprise you. Take a look to see if any previous qualms you’ve had about root canal treatment have been proven false!

Root Canal Treatment is Painful

Thanks to modern technology, sedation tactics, and anesthetic techniques, root canal treatment is virtually pain-free. Root canal treatment relieves pain when removing the pulp of the tooth.

Root Canal Procedure Requires Several Visits to the Dental Clinic

Depending on the severity of the disease or infected tooth, root canal treatment typically requires one to three visits. Basically, the condition of the tooth determines the numbers of visits required, even the circumstances surrounding said infection can play a big role and how often you’ll have to be an hour dental chair.

A Root Canal “Kills” the Tooth

Root canal treatments actually do the opposite. When coming into our office, a patient needs a root canal typically already has a tooth that is “dying.” A root canal works to clean and disinfect the inside of a tooth allowing it to heal.

Root Canal Procedure is Not Very Successful

Nowadays, root canal procedures have about a 95% success rate if treated by an endodontist. assuming oral hygiene is kept up after treatment, the natural tooth can last a long time without future therapy.

In an effort to make sure our patients receive the treatment they need at the appropriate time, we at Villagio Family Dental in Katy, TX, want our patients to be well educated. Keep up with our blog to see if we answer other questions you may have or contact our office directly.