How Old Do You Have to Be to Have Professional Teeth Bleaching?

Professional Teeth Whitening Katy, TX

Professional teeth bleaching often delivers the desired results in a relatively short time frame. It is done under the supervision of the dentist. With professional teeth whitening, the dentist can use many methods to whiten the patient’s teeth in the office. But there are also other methods that may be effective depending on your needs or those of your child.

Professional teeth bleaching

Professional teeth bleaching is ideal for a majority of people with permanent teeth. Every person who wants whiter teeth is often encouraged to visit the dentist. The dentist will assess the patient’s oral health before determining the most suitable whitening method. The whitening option that will deliver good results will depend on several factors like the type and severity of staining. In many cases, the age of the patient is also considered. Here are some of the things parents should know before opting for teeth whitening for their children.

Teeth whitening and children

Over the years, teeth whitening has been done in children as young as four. But it is rarely performed in kids younger than six. It may be recommended for children who think that tooth discoloration is bringing negative attention. Some parents even report that tooth discoloration impacts children negatively.

When a child gets a few adult teeth, parents usually notice that the kid’s smile does not seem as white as it was before. This is attributed to the fact that the top layer of the enamel of baby teeth is whiter and thinner compared to the enamel of adult teeth. Pediatric dentists often do not recommend teeth whitening until all the baby teeth have eventually fallen out. Some dentists often advise parents not to make decisions about bleaching until or after age 14. This time is considered to be ideal by some of them because all the baby teeth are often gone by then and the adult teeth are usually fully erupted.

Children should visit the pediatric dentist for routine cleanings and checkups. This should be every six months or as recommended. During the visits, teeth whitening can be discussed. A dentist should examine teeth that have white spots or an injured tooth that has turned dark. The dentist can then determine whether in-office bleaching is ideal. But before a kid uses whitening products to improve how the teeth look, parents should know that the tooth color difference will not be as noticeable when all the teeth come in.


Teeth whitening can help both adults and children. It can give patients a whiter, brighter smile and can help restore their self-esteem. But this treatment may not be ideal for children who are very young. It is important for a parent to talk to the dentist about whether or not teeth whitening is the right option for the child. This will help the parent make an informed decision. If you want to find out if your child can benefit from professional teeth bleaching, talk to your dentist.

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