Dental Care After a Tooth Extraction

Dental Care After a Tooth Extraction

May 31, 2018

Sometimes the things that are the best for us, don’t always feel or seem the best at first glance. The same is true to tooth extractions. While most are necessary to keep your mouth healthy and safe, the extraction itself is not as bad as most people think. The tricky part is post-operative hygiene. In this article, we’ll discuss the things you can do before, after, and during your procedure to let it go as smoothly as possible!

Plan Ahead

Before your surgery, plan ahead by bringing an over the counter painkiller of your choosing. Whether it’s Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin, be sure to bring a bottle of water with you to take the appropriate dose immediately after the procedure. Be sure to wait 12 hours before engaging in cardio exercise, sleep with your head elevated on a pillow and don’t lift at the gym for at least three days.

Dental Care

Try not to rinse the day of or the day after your surgery, but by the third day can begin to rinse gently with warm salt water. Also, be sure to avoid brushing over the extraction site. Feel free to wipe it with a damp cloth, but for the most part, the best course of action during the first week is to let it heal on its own.

Dealing with Side Effects

A few side-effects you may experience include swelling and overall pain. To combat these symptoms, have an ice pack on deck and apply it to your face in the area where the surgery was performed. Expect the pain to increase for two days after surgery, plateau by day three, and then begin to subside thereon after. If you do plan to take antibiotics, make sure to take them in their entirety.

Additional Post-Operative Considerations

While we’re aware that the sound of a dental extraction doesn’t exactly seem like a fun idea, at Village Family Dental in Katy, TX, we want our patients to be absolutely confident in us that we can get the job done right, and with extreme care. With us, you don’t have to worry about your dental care need, we’re here to help you all along the way with a gentle touch and compassion. Give us a call today to schedule a chat with one of our dental professionals!