Do I Need to Extract My Wisdom Teeth?

Do I Need to Extract My Wisdom Teeth?

May 8, 2018

Hearing that a tooth needs to be extracted is often not what you want to hear when visiting the dentist. However, sometimes an extraction is necessary to help preserve the smile. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly removed teeth, sometimes also called third molars.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth are actually leftovers from our ancient ancestors! Many centuries ago, our diets were much more fibrous and harder to chew. The wisdom teeth were helpful for chewing and to replace teeth that may have fallen out. As our diets evolved to include softer and easier to chew foods and out jaws narrowed, the wisdom teeth often seem out of place and not necessary.

Why Do We Recommend Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Since wisdom teeth erupt later in life and don’t often need to replace a missing tooth, there is often not enough room for the tooth. The lack of space can cause many health problems such as:

  • Crowding – If the jaw is not large enough, the teeth can begin to overlap and become too crowded. It is not aesthetically pleasing and makes it harder to clean.
  • Impaction – The wisdom teeth can get trapped beneath other teeth and not be able to erupt properly. Can cause pain, discomfort and additional issues.
  • Dental Drift – Can shift the teeth enough to cause significant issues with the bite.

Is the Wisdom Tooth Removal Process Difficult?

Each case for each patient is different, but wisdom teeth can present additional problems since they are often impacted. This means that surgical means are the only way to remove them. These teeth are also quite large, which can make the difficult to remove. However, no matter the extent of the removal, a skilled dentist can make even advanced tooth extractions safe and comfortable.