Custom Mouth Guards in Katy, TX

Custom Mouth Guards in Katy, TX

Sports Mouth Guards in Katy, TX

Custom mouth guards in Katy are removable devices worn to protect teeth from destructive grinding. Typically, mouth guards are worn during sleep to prevent jaw issues, headaches or worn-down teeth from overnight teeth grinding. The dental device may also be worn during the day if needed.

Katy Custom Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards relax jaw muscles and release clenching teeth, therefore preventing joint issues. The procedure takes only two dentist visits before you finish the finished mouth guard. First, an impression is taken of your mouth, and a mold is made. This is used to create the custom mouth guard in Katy. At the final visit, the completed device is placed in your mouth and checked for a proper fit. In most cases, only an upper mouth guard is needed. But some people need both an upper and lower mouth guard.

If teeth clenching or grinding has been a recurring problem, please visit Villagio Family Dental. Dr. Adriana Zaharie will determine if a custom mouth guard will work well for you.

Katy Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards help prevent impact injuries during athletic activities. They are designed to protect teeth and soft tissues from hard blows to the face and head. This type of mouth guard is custom fit to remain firmly in place during fast-paced games. A quality sports guard can be what saves you from tooth loss or severe mouth damage. They are often a required piece of equipment for youth sports and professional athletic teams. We make custom sports mouth guards in Katy to help keep our patients safe and protect their dental health.

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