Metal Free Crowns Zirconium in Katy, TX

Metal Free Crowns Zirconium in Katy, TX

Metal-Free Crowns in Katy, TX

Dental crowns, or tooth caps, are used to repair cracked or broken teeth. Modern metal-free crowns in Katy eliminate the unsightly black line that is often visible along the gum line with traditional crowns.

For many years, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) was the gold standard in dentistry for crown and bridge restorations. The crown had a metal framework that was covered in porcelain material.

With the advent of zirconium dental materials, patients have more aesthetically pleasing options. A metal-free framework supporting the zirconium allows for a natural-looking restoration.

Zirconium Metal-Free Crowns

A zirconium crown is used to restore a fractured tooth, one that is severely decayed or to replace an old filling beyond repair. Once Dr. Adriana Zaharie removes the decay, a crown is placed to protect and strengthen the weakened tooth structure.

Although there are several materials used to craft dental crowns, including porcelain, gold, and combinations of metal and porcelain, solid zirconium provides the greatest durability and strength.

The Metal-Free Process

It takes two dental visits to place a zirconium crown in Katy office.

  • Dr. Zaharie removes the decay during the first visit and shapes the remaining tooth structure. A dental impression will be taken and sent to a lab to create your metal-free crown.
  • Your Katy dentist will also determine the proper shade that most closely matches your natural tooth color.
  • A temporary crown will be cemented in place with a special binding material.

About two weeks later your temporary crown will be removed, and the permanent metal-free crown will be secured in place, restoring your smile for many years to come.

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